About the Film

Discovering Savannah is about meeting the perfect person at the wrong time. Then after Savannah and James spend an amazing two weeks together in Savannah, GA she realizes that she is following the same destructive pattern that she has been following for half of her life. That is as soon as one serious relationship ends she jumps right into another serious relationship. This is a movie different from almost all romantic movies as Savannah has to first learn how to be happy on her own by focusing on herself and her career. While James has to stop waiting for the one that got away and learn how to be happy without her.

The story behind the film.

Thanks so much for visiting our website. I’ve been trying to get Discovering Savannah made now for over 5 years and below is what inspired me to write it.

Have you ever been so caught up listening to music in your car that you are completely unaware of your surroundings.  A while back when that happened to me I was stopped at a red light. Then just as it turned green I looked in my rearview mirror and there was a couple behind me in a big SUV. I have no idea if they noticed me or not but I did notice that the man had a big disgusting look on his face and the girl had a huge smile on hers. It got me thinking that this is the perfect beginning for a movie if I can just figure out how you get the girl from the SUV into the car in front of them at the red light.

I was actually in Savannah, GA when the idea hit me. So during the opening scene of “Discovering Savannah” we use a song by local musician, Joe Daniel called Walk Along where the lyrics are “Safe to say that I love you Safe to say that you don’t care”. During this scene as the music is playing we see a couple driving through the beautiful rolling hills of Northern, VA and we realize that they are in the middle of a loud argument. During the argument the male, Jerry admits to his girlfriend, Savannah that yes he has cheated on her and no it’s not the first time.

Then as the SUV starts to slow down for a red light we see Savannah’s expression of anger change to a big smile which seems hard to imagine why she would be smiling in the middle of this loud intense argument. The camera pulls away from the front of the SUV until it is in front of the car at the red light where we see James who’s the driver of that car. James is the one actually listening to that opening song “Safe to Say” on his car radio and he’s totally engrossed in it and not paying any attention to his surroundings and that is what Savannah is smiling at.

Jerry makes a comment “What an asshole” and then Savannah turns and looks at Jerry and says “What an asshole is right”. She grabs her purse and gets out of the SUV and when she slams the door shut the screen is frozen for a few seconds just as the door is released from her hand. Then you hear a voice over that you will soon realize is James whose the man in the car in front of her.

As I once heard a gentleman say in an establishment where they serve adult beverages. Everything in life has an expiration date, but man there was something special about that girl.

Then the screen is unfrozen and the SUV door slams shut and Savannah walks up to the passenger side door of the car in front of her and opens up the door and sits down inside.

NOTE: In case you were thinking exactly what someone told me when I shared this story with them. Which is that with today’s high tech cars that lock automatically she wouldn’t be able to open the passenger side door. So it’s imperative we use a slightly older car where you need to lock in manually.